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Barbara J. Riesberg

Firm Overview

RiesbergLaw is a boutique law firm which offers legal services primarily in the areas of commercial litigation, real estate litigation and municipal law. We handle matters involving various types of business disputes including breaches of contracts and other commercial agreements, business torts, and property development disputes. RiesbergLaw also engages in the litigation of securities issues.

While quality of work is the highest priority, client satisfaction shares equally in importance at RiesbergLaw. We pride ourselves on providing value and responsiveness to our clients. Clients deserve, and should expect, clear and routine communications with their lawyers. This helps to ensure no misunderstanding or confusion as to expectations, potential outcomes or costs of the representation.

Our lawyers possess a wealth of experience in both large and medium-sized firms of the highest quality locally and nationally. Yet we also understand the economic realities of our clients’ business models. We evaluate each engagement based upon the goals and budget of the client. Coupled with cost-effective rates and budget-conscious case management, this results in greater value to our clients.